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Every aspiring company needs a good marketing concept

Rieta de Soet, Managing Director of Global Management Consultants AG in Zug, Switzerland, explains the concept of having a brand in more detail. Because nowadays you can not ignore the topic of creating a great „brand“ – whether as a company or as a customer. Even if you are deeply convinced by the quality of your product and the need for it, not everyone may see that straight away. Why should a customer decide to buy your product and not the competitors? Tell your customer what is so unique about your product. Why is it innovative?

You need to develop a concept about how to establish your brand. There are several points that make a product a well-known brand.

First of all it has to be recognizable.

For one product it is the color, for the other the lettering or the logo, which will be remembered. For other products the crunchy slogan. But just because a brand with a certain pattern is successful does not mean that this strategy will be successful for any other product. Every brand should have its own distinctive style, says Rieta de Soet, CEO of Global Management Consultants AG in Switzerland. Rieta de Soet has supported many Start ups and established companies in their brand strategy with her GMC AG Business Center.

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The first step of a company should be to think about who they are and how they want to be perceived by the public. Only then can they develop a suitable brand strategy in order to be able to position it in a targeted manner.

Of course, all of this takes time and is not completed within two hours, says Rieta de Soet. After all, you want a brand that can be taken seriously and that can assert itself long term in the economy.

As mentioned above, it must first be determined what the brand stands for. This falls under the concept of brand positioning.

The implementation is then about the visual identifiers, which should of course be unique and should be clearly differentiated from the brands of the competition. These include, first and foremost, the logo with the correct color choice, the font or symbols, e.g. circles.

Even if your company is so small it is basically just you, you should not underestimate the introduction of a perfectly crafted brand.

If the brand is well positioned and the company is successful, you can always expand, says Rieta de Soet.

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